Devil May Cry 4 is developed by Capcom in 2008 for PS3, Xbox 360 and window platforms. Just like the other devil may cry games, basically you will be controlling 1 character at a time and then fight against enemies in close combat using firearms, swords or other weapons. The main character of this game isNero, who lives on the island of Fortuna where the island's inhabitants worship the demon Sparda as a god. As the game begins, you will see that he is rushing over to the opera house to see his girlfriend Kyrie perform for the celebration ceremony. When the high priest Sanctus is performing a sermon, he is interrupted by Dante, the main character of the previous devil may cry games, who jumps down from the air and kills Sanctus without any hesitation in front of the audience. The holy knight members try to capture Dante, but they are easily defeated. Then, you will be controlling Nero to fight against Dante, the fight is brutal but is stopped when Nero uses his demonic power. Before fleeing, Dante reveals that the holy knight members were actually demons. 

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