During the twelfth cycle, Cosmos entrusts her warriors, Warrior of Light, Firion, Onion Knight, Cecil, Kain, Bartz, Tifa, Squall, Laguna, Zidane, Jecht, Vaan and Lightning to retreve the crystals to defeat Chaos. However, Chaos is emplying an army of crystalline soldiers, namely Manikins which pose a threat due to their ability to negate Cosmos' power to revive her warriors after they are dead. Therefore, Kain and Warrior of Light defeat most of their allies because they believe that their defeat is inevitable. However, Lightning is against their plan and she leads the other active warriors (Vaan, Yuna, Laguna, Tifa and Kain) to stop the Manikins by sealing their emerging portal. They succeed, but Cosmos is weakened after using much of her power to diminish the Manikin army when they are trying to kill her and the Warrior of Light, while Lightning and her group succumb to the Manikins' power and fade away. After that, the returning warriors of Cosmos participate in the thirteeth cycle and end the conflict between the 2 gods.

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