Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy 13 is the first final fantasy high definition (HD) game that is released on PS3 in 2009 in Japan and 2010 in North America. Final Fantasy 13, together with God of War 3 are the largest PS3 games ever released, even until today, with a record of around 40gb. Personally I do like this first HD final fantasy game. 

This entire game takes place in the floating world Cocoon. The government, Sanctum is ordering a purge of civillians who have come into contact with Pulse. Lightning, the main female character of the game begins to fight against the government in order to save her sister. Her sister, Serah has been branded as a servant, called l'Cie to serve a god-like being called fal'Cie. Each servant is branded with a symbol to represent either Pulse or Cocoon and he is then given a Focus, which is a task to complete. If the l'Cie manages to complete the focus, he will then be transformed into a crystal and gain ternal life, otherwise they become mindless monster called Cie'th. The l'Cie is not told his focus, he will need to interpret and figure out himself.

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